Many elements in the development and culture of mankind are important milestones. Without fire, or wheel, or writing, or electricity... we would have never reached the current development.

Past experience has for generations been handed down from parent to child. Special events were narrated and sung in lore, rhymes and legends. And were again lost in prehistory. Only after using the script it was possible to consult sources retrospective. That just as today's aren’t objective. But they provide us with a wealth of information.

Therefore, writing, in clay or stone, on parchment or paper, is so very important. The system allows us to capture information and pass it to another place or time, without being personally present at the transfer .
The system of reading and writing is definitely something that should be kept at all times, and teaching must be surrendered.

ABCDenise Schmandt - Besserat published in 1996 'Before Writing“ in which she recounts that small tokens, geometric shapes of clay were used around 8,000 BC in the Middle East, which symbolized various units of goods. Then were as accounting for storage and trade numbers carved. For transport or storage, the tokens were put in a jar, a “bulletin“ or cover of clay. The first envelope so. To know the now hidden and protected content were on the bull signs for each token in it, along with the corresponding numbers. Sometimes (not) a realistic representation of the product. A disc with a cross was a symbol of a sheep.
Archaeological finds in several places made ​​the reconstruction of this story possible.
When a smart guy understood the tokens themselves were actually superfluous, was around 3,100 BC, the writing born.

Scripture can be used according to the principle display, divided into three types.

Logo graphic or picture writing, like Egyptian hieroglyphics, or Chinese, with characters who all had their own meaning. This number of characters is increasing, for more and more concepts, ultimately only a few specialists are able to read and write it.

Syllabic or syllabary script with a symbol per syllable, like the Maya.

Alphabetic script in which each character represents a spoken sound, so that approximately 25 characters can display everything. We have also learned to read this way: a sound, coupled with a letter. And then the combination of d - o - g. Writing is related to games: find out of which characters a word has been compiled and / or convert phonemes of spoken language into graphemes.
Some scripts are alike because peoples have taken it (partly) over from each other. We use the Latin alphabet.

schriftOur A was originally reversed as a picture of a cow 's head: the Phoenician ' aleph’ means “ox“(A). Beth is "house", gimel stands for “camel“(C), “Yodh “ for palm (K), “ayin“ is eye (O) etc.
The Phoenicians chiseled characters mostly in stone, so most characters were angular and linear.

The fixed order of our alphabet is also useful for classifying and searching.
The Greeks have the alphabet from the Phoenicians developed and added vowels. The Romans also brought changes and made the letter sequence fixed by the law.
There were changes in different countries and times implemented. Not in every country there are so many or the same letters and vowels.

"I read the dictionary yesterday...turns out the zebra did it" Well the aardvark started it...

The writing direction may vary. We always write from left to right. It may be the other way around. Or alternately, sometimes with reversal of the writing surface. Or from bottom to top, etc.

Unknown languages ​​are often difficult or impossible to decipher. Happy discovery of the same text in multiple languages ​​, such as the Rosetta stone, can be a significant breakthrough.
In cryptography, the intention is to store information, but so encoded that only those who have the key can also read it. There are fifty - species code and countless keys.

Dr. Hans Freudenthal developed and described in 1960 an artificial language, Lincos, a concept developed through (radio or other) contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence to build a language. That should be able, since we 're both intelligent.
The starter was constructed using mathematical logic.

? =?
? +? =??
?? -? =?
? -? = 0
? - 0 =?
?? >?

And so on. Via pulses are numbers, operations and comparisons passed. Followed notions about time, duration, past, future, etc. Furthermore, it evolves into conversations, communications, physics, life and the cosmos.

An entity that is capable to deal with communication to us is certainly intelligent enough to understand this, and to interpret gradually the characters in the correct way to get a logical concept system in order to come to a logical system.
But probably they also understand general Ikean.

Without writing, I would not be able to let you know all of this. So wear forever care, and spread it.

Through education, there are fewer illiterates and more morons. (Albert Guinon)