On the site of Worldometers are based on recent and relevant data statistic counters maintained and calculated in real -time. They are often hallucinatory, continue raging figures.

WorldoMetersThe counters use the clock of your PC, also to generate data for 'Today'.
If you want an idea about data on an annual basis, you can set the clock on your computer on December 31, 11:59 PM.

In conjunction with the “Ecological Footprint“ this can only make it clear that we cannot go on with our Western level all together (continue) to consume land, raw materials and energy.

You get include an indication about the following dates:

world population with births and deaths, today and this year,
spending on health, education and defense,
number of cars produced, bicycles, books and computers this year
number of newspapers, TVs, mobile phones, e - mails, blogs, tweets... today

tons of CO2, dumped waste, hectares cut down forest this year
number of undernourished, hunger deaths, obese...
consume water, people without drinking water, kill by contaminated water
energy, remaining oil, gas, coal
deaths due to HIV, cancer, smoking, alcohol, suicide, traffic


"You know, every time I exhale, a man dies!”“Try a mouthwash!“(JW Besouw)
Everyone wants to get back to nature, but not walking. (Ann Vannieuwenhuysen)
The amount of intelligence on the earth is limited. The population is alarmingly increasing. (Harry V. Taranto)