Autarky (from Greek 'self' and 'sufficient') is striving to be as little depending of others as possible. Self-care, self-reliance and self-sufficiency are synonyms.
Even totalitarian regimes and sects seek from their own shield and distrust for autarky.
The term is recently widely used in architecture and self-sufficient living concepts.

EarthshipPreviously self-sufficiency was just common and necessary for survival. Today, it gets a new and different character, with an emphasis on living without being dependent of (multinational) energy producers and distributors.
Industrialization and economies of scale brought comfort and prosperity. But also dependency and vulnerability. We have our own lifes no longer in our hands. Many people want to go back to earth on a place of their own, their own base, own boss.
It's a lifestyle, with a cost advantage.
There are two autarkic tendencies that can be distinguished. The traditional chooses for simple life without many luxuries, the ‘alternatives’ flow. Then there is the new technological movement that focuses mainly on his own and renewable energy.

But also provide their own food, (clean) water and waste is associated with the concept.

At the Amsterdam NSDM - yard lays the GeWoonboot (ComunBoat), a durable floating home that is self-sufficient. The concrete buoyancy tank is owned by the housing corporation De Keyen and serves as a source of inspiration.
All wastewater is led to an ecological purification system that floates like a garden beside the house. Here it is filtered by the reed vegetation and bacteria, and then further purified by reverse osmosis for domestic use. The water for consumption, and showering is first heated to 87 degrees.
The GeWoonBoat makes its own electricity with a combination of solar cells and fuel-efficient diesel. The heat from the generator is used for heating and tap water.

The Brandenburg village of Feldheim, between Berlin and Leipzig, stated in October 2010 to be self sufficient. They need no Russian gas, no Arab oil, and no German nuclear power. They arrange everything them self, and live of the wind and the manure from their own cows.
The citizens produce with their own cooperative all (and more) energy with (43) wind turbines and manure. They are owner and recipient of the biogas heating and own their power grid.

The term Earthship was coined by the American architect Michael Reynolds practicing since 1969.
An Earth ship is an autonomous building made of discarded tires, crammed with earth, usually made in a U- shape, with windows on the sunny side to show much light and heat in.
Non - load-bearing interior walls are often made with cans (or bottles) as building blocks. The walls are usually thick plastered with adobe, clay or lime. The roof is heavily insulated. Usually their own energy facilities are provided.

In 2009 the first Earthship in the Netherlands was completed in Zwolle (a tearoom).
In the autumn of 2011 began the construction of a residential area of 23 earth houses in Olst.