There was a time when there was begged by dances, processions and praers for rain. The shaman became a scientist, and hocus pocus became high-tech.

RainmakersClouds are studded or shot with huge amounts of silver iodide crystals to influence the precipitation process. The crystals condense water droplets to precipitation than elsewhere cannot fall. Russia used the technique to keep important events dry. Also, remember the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. In China, 50,000 people work for a government department that deals with this. Silver as connection is just as toxic as a lead compound.

By shooting clouds is small hail milked from them in Italy, Spain and France to prevent the harvest of grapes and oranges is damaged.

Even forest fires in Indonesia they try to solve by using artificially rain.

By HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska the ionosphere is changed by a beam of radio waves which heats locally.
J. Eastlund invented method and apparatus to change so an area in the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere. Jet streams can be altered, tornadoes knocked down and rain made.

The Swiss company Meteo Systems claims to have caused in 2012 fifty lush rain showers over the United Arab Emirates with their WeatherTec system.
They have put in the desert some ten meters high masts. Which excite ions (atoms having a negative charge), which bind to moisture, causing clouds.

Water is so precious that the influence of the weather in the future can be big business.

Already since 1960 some scientists and politicians repeat: WWIII will not be about oil, but about water.

China makes ten percent more precipitation by 2015 (to newspaper articles in December 2011)

The Chinese government wants with four new programs to make more artificial precipitation in the country and to pick 10 percent or 230 billion cubic meters of water per year extra.
An estimated 3,000 billion cubic meters of water annually sails over China. Only a fifth of it falls as precipitation on the ground.

In Jilin Province, there was a project that each year 50 billion cubic meters of rain and snow brought down. That may be, according to the China Meteorological Institute CMA increased to a volume of 280 billion cubic meters.

The China Daily quotes Zheng Jiang Ping of the CMA:"Because clouds are endless, also regain control is limitless. The five regional programs for manageable weather will coordinate the resources on the ground, such as missiles and aircraft, across the province borders to maximize the potential.“ In 2015 there will be a national command center for this purpose.

According to Zheng, the programs are important to the national target to increase cereal harvest in 2020 to 550 million tonnes. The projects are necessary because droughts and floods become more frequent and throw a spanner in the works, so this objective is at risk.

"The concept works well in Jilin, and that success will accelerate the development of the four other projects,” said Zheng. These new initiatives are in the northwest, south, west and north of China, but there is no detailed plan released.