Pain and itching is caused by specialized nerve endings in the skin. Pain receptors (nervous system) in the skin work together with the immune system in the fight against infection and its spread. The nervous system only needs milliseconds to transmit information via signals. With the cells of the immune system, the same task takes hours or days. The pain receptors can detect germs. And they release a protein that brings immune cells to the painful area and already trigger immune responses, also preventively in the surrounding skin, to prevent the spread of the infection.


Do not scratch. If you scratch more blood rushes to the bump and itching is still worse. There may come wounds and infections through scratching. The pain of scratching relieves the itch sensation temporarily. 

Itching indicates that your body is fighting against intruders under the protective skin.

To prevent the itchy and burning sensation you can rub the spot with ash, mud, flesh of a coconut fruit, cold cloth, ice or cold pack.
Toothpaste with mint helps relieve itching.
Vinegar is good for swelling, but makes the itch and the bump not disappear.

The difference between itching and allergy is the doctor's bill. (Earl Wilson)

The severety of the itch is inversely proportional to the ability to reach it.

 "I have such an itch between my toes." " Between your toes?" "Yes, the two big ones.”

Pain-IndexSting or bite treatment

Remove the bee sting: see at bee.

Draw as many poison away. There are also pumps for.

Remove rings and bracelets, so they do not go constricting in case of swelling.

By heat, the proteins in the poison can be made harmless. Heat (without burning the skin) the stitch place above 40 degrees with a bath, hairdryer, coal or cigarette.
This helps at wasp, bee, horseflies, bumblebee, and most marine animals (weever(fish), stonefish), even if it is not used immediately.
It does not help against formic acid from ants, jellyfish, nettles.

Crush a plantain leaf or a piece of raw onion or garlic and rub it on the bite. It relieves pain.