netelsstekenBoth the small and large nettle have (slightly upwardly -directed) hairs on the stem and on the underside of the leaf, barely on the upper side.

Dried, preferably young nettles are good fodder for goats and rabbits, because of its high protein content. Goats eat them fresh. Very young plants that do not have stinging hairs, can be fed fresh to rabbits.

The hollow stinging nettle needles include acetylcholine, histamine, serotonin, moroid, leukotrienes and possibly formic acid. You can reduce itching

• Remove as many hairs as possible by rinsing, rubbing with a dry cloth; use resin or adhesive tape.

• Clean thoroughly to reduce spines and irritating contents: with (saliva, urine) water and soap.

• Scientifically proven or not: vinegar and plant leaves seem to work well. (Neutralize? Break off lime-like needles?) To be used: plantain leaf, canine trot and sorrel, dandelion, raw potato, white dead nettle, nettle stalk juice, spring seed.

• Refresh can with baking soda with some water, moisture, saliva, yogurt, toothpaste (mint), cold water, ice.

• Especially don't scratch, dab, blow ...