Human urine is one of the most sterile substances. During the Second World War it even was used to disinfect operation instruments. Eskimos would use it to give their newborn babies their first hot bath.
urinedrinkDrinking urine also is often described as beneficial, effective against sinusitis, inflammation (even cancer)... Also effective against hair loss and fissures. I never tended to test this myself, but in case of emergency, the knowledge may be useful. Especially morning pee would still contain many useful vitamins. Later during the day there should be more waste in it.

Urine consists of water with dissolved wastes such as urea (breakdown product of protein metabolism), urobilin (breakdown product of blood and bile) and porphyrin, which is filtered from the blood by the kidneys and causes the yellow color.
 The amount of these substances produced per hour is fairly constant, the amount of water depends on how much you drink. So, if you drink (too) little, urine is very dark yellow, if you have been drinking a lot, she is almost colorless.
Urine is a valuable fertilizer for plants.

Several Roman historians mention that Gauls washed themselves with urine, and even daily brushed their teeth with it.”Among each other they compete with the whiteness of their denture.Gaius Catullus, 87 to 54 BC).

Who pees against the wind, gets gooks. (Carl Huybrechts)

Some people drink urine. Others Heineken.