wateruseA tree evaporates 265 liters of water a day.
An hectare of corn evaporates 15,000 liters of water per day.
A dripping faucet can waste 75 liters of water per day.
People use daily a total of about 190 liters of water.
Two-thirds of household water is used in the bathroom. In order to flush the toilet every time we use between 7.5 and 26.5 liters of water. A bath takes 120 liters, a shower 62.
By indirect use of water the footprint of a Dutchman is 3,300 liters per person per day.

Quantity of water required for the production
1 can of fruit or vegetables : 35 l
1 chicken : 44 l
1 barrel of beer : 5,680 l
1 barrel of crude oil : 7.000 l
1 day food for a family of four : 25,700 l
1 new car : 148,000 l