"Three stones are enough to clean off your hole." This Greek proverb would refer to the Roman use of pessoi, round ceramic discs for cleaning their bottoms.
Research of pessoi in Athens, would show that Romans used just before use, as a joke, to write the names of people they hated down on them.


Traditionally, leaves, moss, hay and twigs were used as toilet paper. The Romans used a sponge on a stick. The wealthy used wool and rosewater (!). The Vikings used wool. Eskimos used snow and tundra mosses. Muslims only their left hand (and water).
Later, newsprint was used. So it was possible that your buttocks once looked printed.
Mussel shells have long been very popular in the Low Countries.

wcpapierToilet paper has long been in use. In the 6th century Zhitui Yan, Chinese government official warned against wiping butts with philosophical treatises. You Tse - T'wei wrote in 589: "Paper on which quotations or commentaries from Five Classics or the names of sages occur, I do not dare to use as toilet paper."
Late 14th century, China produced 700,000 sheets of toilet paper (5x8 cm) for the imperial court.
In 1857, the New York businessman Joseph Gayetty produced the first packaged toilet paper.
Toilet paper roll was invented by The Scott Paper Company, in 1890.

There is a man in the street wrapped in toilet paper. Passerby asks why.
 "Because it’s shit everywhere."

Previously, when toilet paper still was used on both sides.