bokramtSheep or goats can sometimes attack. If a buck rushes on to you he just walks you upside. They ram you with their skull. An attacking buck is a real battering ram. To run is possible, but is not always appropriate. Especially if you just want to get your hands on the animal. He knows exactly when and where he is going to hit you, and concentrates his speed and power there. Bring him off balance by a counterattack. That's usually the best defense. If he is 5 meters away from you, you do a quick and big step forward and kick him on his muzzle. So is his attack interrupted and the power is out off it. It works.

In a bull I would not try it. Running or climbing seems better. I've seen pictures of people attacked by bulls who remained immobile lying flat on the ground. That seemed to work. For the bull the fight was apparently fought, interest waned. Animals seem in this more humane than our own species.