Against extreme natural disasters little is helpful. Floods, swamps, avalanches, storms, waves. Learn to recognize impending danger in time and to estimate it. Get yourself to safety. Find shelter on solid ground and behind solid structures.

zelfbeschermingThere are many situations that can harm or even kill us.
It's hard to protect what we cannot perceive: viruses, bacteria, radioactive radiation. Avoiding such risk sources is virtually impossible.
Also known carriers of viruses and bacteria we are trying to keep out: ticks, flies, rats, mice.
Diseases caused by micro - organisms, we can reduce by good hygiene, safe drinking water, healthy and varied food and decent housing.
Actually, everything we do is aimed to maintain ourselves. We look for tools and techniques (and sometimes conveniently forget to keep our condition tiptop).

For humans potentially dangerous animals like wolves and bears in our region, we have eradicated decades ago. Danger that we face is largely traffic. So basically human danger.
Dangerous animals we may be faced with is the most faithful friends of man: (offspring of) dumped and feral animals, or aggressive fighting dogs.

The most dangerous opponent that we may have to deal with is man. Newspapers are filled with our often unbelievable or nonsensical acts.