The movie “An Inconvenient Truth” presented by Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States was released in May 2006. It was a picture of the global warming, which would be mainly within the last 100 years caused by human activity. As a result flooding of low-lying areas would hit 100 million people to go on the run.
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the curve of CO2 emissions (due to burning fossil fuels) is getting steeper. Some data, performances and claims of this complex stuff were sometimes ill-founded. Some simplifications were not correct. The production of meat, as an important factor for CO2, was not cited. Other sources for heating were little or not calculated. But the presentation did result in a global climate awareness.

GlobalchangeAn algorithm is a set of instructions to achieve by calculation or data processing to an associated target. When shortly after his movie on the Internet the home, lifestyle and electricity bills of Al Gore were spread his explanation was better than his example: listen to my words, do not look at my deeds. To his honor, I would like to launch:
Algorisme: explain exactly what others need to do to achieve a goal, but you stand out yourself. As we all do regularly, when it comes to public transportation, healthy food, fair trade products... (mea culpa).

Climate change is the global change of the average type of weather. It is an interaction of changes in (average) temperature, air currents, water cycle, and therefore of clouds and precipitation. This affects desertification, wetlands, flood, the size of ice sheets and glaciers. In the longer term, are ocean currents, sea level and salinity of seawater affected.
Climate changes are of all times. The mechanisms and interactions of all influences are still not clear.
Through the many ups and reports and inquiries about Global Warming it seems safer to talk about Global Change.
In the shorter and longer term, there are fluctuations in CO2 and temperature. The influence of the Sun (distance, spots) has not yet been studied so long: cosmic weather is still very unclear. Even predicting the weather on earth we can only for a few days.

The greenhouse effect is the warming effect caused by the Earth's envelope of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. Without those, sunlight and earth heat would geothermal temperature according to theoretical models bring on average -18°C while we have now 15°C.
Also, clouds, snow and ice (reflect light) and particulate matter affect this effect.

The global warming is the increase in the average temperature, since the beginning of the twentieth century (this is over about 100 years) by about 0.74°C.
Models indicate that the temperature by 1.1°C to 6.4°C will rise between 1990 and 2100. Increases of more than 2°C are dramatically transforming to people and the environment, by sea level rise, increased drought and heat stress periods, extreme rainfall, flooding, etc.

The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2007 states that
“It is very likely that most of the warming over the last 50 years is attributable to human activity,” and that the warming is busy “unmistakable".
The IPCC concludes that global warming since the industrial revolution is mainly due to the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), mainly caused by burning fossil fuels (also large coal fires in China and India), production of cement and glass, agriculture, livestock and especially deforestation.

According to other scientists would like a new ice age arrive.
The sun also exhibits a heightened state of activity since the mid- twentieth century, which must be settled in one way or another.

As scholars and their institutions do not agree on this matter it seems impossible to follow herein. Everyone relies according to what he believes to arguments for or against. Calculation models and computer simulations work with a limited number of parameters and estimates, and the algorithms are developed by non - infallible researchers.
In addition, we worry over a period of 100 years. A fraction of the history of the earth, which we have little data on.

I see however, that the hockey stick of rising temperatures in the last 100 years parallels the CO2 emissions, species extinction, increased greenhouse gases, sea level rise, reports about melting glaciers and polar ice caps, changing flora and fauna... Reason enough to be cautious.

The Kyoto Protocol (1997) is a Climate treaty that controls reducing greenhouse gas emissions. International bickering and lack of vision and decisiveness are not encouraging in this field.

The whole discussion in any case should make us clear that we only have one earth, and we cannot afford to be irresponsible with our limited natural resources and our fragile environment.

Global Change: despite the pollution is still wonderful to be in the clouds. (J. A. Vandervelden)

Humanity must shift from living on the earth to living with her.

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