Cooking is used as a general kitchen term to prepare food by heating.
Actually it is about heating in boiling water.
In hot, but not boiling water we call it poaching.
If we do this in hot oil or grease it’s called wok or frying.
There are more other techniques (dig, tagine, claypot...).

When steaming the ingredients are cooked in the hot steam from a boiling liquid, such as broth. Compared to cooking meat remains extra tender and juicy and vegetables taste fresh and crisp.
Compared to continue cooking vitamins, minerals and color are better preserved.
The retention of vitamin C is very dependent on the vegetable.
In steaming vitamin C in broccoli takes 10% off, but in other cooking methods even more.
Peeled potatoes lose 22% vitamin C in steam, in the pressure cooker 13%.
On average, there remains 15% more vitamin C retained by steaming than by boiling in water.

Stew: cooking of food in a little fat, in a tightly closed space mixed with some liquid.

Baking food in an open pan with hot fat to color brown, scabby and done.

Frying: simmering in some fat in an enclosed heated space, in a roasting pan in the oven, or a closed casserole.
Bratwurst is not fried, but baked.

Grilling we do (on a grid) over hot (char) coal (barbecue).

Red meat, in order to keep the juice, is best heat-sealed at a temperature above 160°C. If both sides of the meat are colored, the heat source must be tempered immediately. Make sure that the meat does not boil. Let the meat rest after cooking equally.

Baking terms

bakkenBleu (rare): almost raw, bloody, soft, 45-50°C
Saignant (medium-rare): red inside, elastic, 50-60°C
A point (medium): medium pink color, feel firmly when pressed, 60-68°C
Bien cuit (well done): cooked, brown / gray color, the meat is dry and stiff, 68-80°C

Baking makes a crispy outside and juicy inside. The scab is caused by a chemical reaction between amino acids and carbohydrates, the Maillard reaction.

By subsequent cooking the meat can relax and the juices can distribute again. Put the meat on a warmed plate and cover it (with aluminum foil). Leave to rest as long as it was baked. The meat is juicier and easier to cut. Use a sharp knife. With a blunt knife you press too hard and you press the flavorful moisture out.

What 's cocks soup? Chicken soup with meatballs.
" Waiter, my napkin is smudged! " Waiter: " Apologies, then it must be misfolded! "