breienWith knitting you can also make a rag textile (scarves, sweaters...). On a long knitting needle or awl you make loops that you're working together (stitches). The pen has a button on the end so that the work does not slide off. Knitting can be done woth 1, 2, also (for ex. socks, in a circle) 3 or 4 needles (or a circular needle). A thicker needle gives a lighter structure. The thickness is chosen in function of the wire thickness, and can range from 2 to 13 mm.
There are different ways to set up a needle and knit. Although I 've already done it, I do not venture here to describe the technique in words. You can better watch it step by step from someone who shows and explains it.
You can by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches make the work wider or narrower. Since it is made ​​from one thread, you cannot cut afterwards. This would destroy all again.

naaldbindenWith a knitting frame or –board (two bars with spikes) can be easily worked.

Meshes are openings in a grid, formed by the intersecting wires of a network. (Slipping through the meshes of the net: narrowly escaped.)

Darning means restore knitting (or textiles, holes) with needle and thread to as accurately as possible mimic the knit stitch or tissue.
The hole in the fabric is spanned with horizontal wires by the by stringing thread right and left in the tissue. Then, in here yarn is woven vertical with suture on the edges of the hole.

The term is also used for bringing an embroidery pattern in a different color as trim on the fabric.

Why knitting so fast? I want to be ready before I’m out of yarn.

How many sheep does it take to knit a sweater? Sheep don’t knit.

Darning socks
Patching holes was a job for winter evenings. There were no TVs or games. The hole was mostly on the heel or the toe. To get the right form on darning it we got from mom a wooden egg to stab our sock.