paardenhaarHorse hair is thick, smooth, rigid and sturdy. You cannot spin it. It is used for fiddlesticks, brush seals, mattress stuffing, stabilizer and binder in (clay) plaster and for tassels. You can also use it to sew.

Of horsehair were seven woven to filter milk, also mats, neat, ropes and mats (see < Pressing Oil) to extract oil.

Crinoline is the name of (a ladies underskirt with steel bands) and a horse hair fabric, from which bags are made. (Woven with a chain of cotton, and with a weft of horsehair. The French word crin means horsehair.)

A Chinese retired teacher, Xiang Renxian, has spend (since her 34th) eleven years to knit from her own hair a hat and jacket. She used about 110,000 hairs. The average length of her hair was between 70 and 80 centimeters. She used 15 hairs to create every thread of 'wool'. ( Article 01/2014)

Animals hairdresser Danelle German’s Catty Shack Creations (South Carolina) are bags out of cat hair like Angora bunny hair spun into yarn. Even more creative: ‘I weaved the monkey hair in with some poodle hair.’

The Moorish Villa Zorayda Museum in St. Augustine, Florida, opposite Flagler College has a more than 2,400-year-old Holy Cat rug that is completely woven from cat hair. A human foot was wrapped in the carpet stolen from Egypt, depicting an African wild cat.

Dog hair is often spun to knit with it. (Husky, Collie, Newfoundlander ...)


“A horse is dangerous at both ends, and uncomfortable in the middle.”(Ian Fleming)

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