Like retten flax and very useful is the hemp (Cannabis sativa), an annual plant that is related to the hops. In a proper environment, you get with a cycle of only 90 days up to four crops per year. Hemp is one of the oldest crops and was used possibly 10,000 years BC. Hemp is a lot easier than flax crop. Hemp fiber is much softer and is very easy to spin.

The name hemp is used for varieties that are not suitable for the production of drugs.
For drugs bred varieties are usually called marijuana. These are usually cultivated races between Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. The dried ripe flowers are usually smoked.

The plant is dioecious. There are male and hermaphroditic plants. Androgynous plants got male flowers at the bottom and so can fertilize themselves. Their seed is female and offspring are infertile.

Cannabis: the sinsemilla (unfertilized female flower, “without seeds”) contains the highest concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids. Male plants contain very little THC that is produced by glands in the pollen bags and leaves. They are not interesting as marijuana.
Hashish or hash is a solid, tar-like preparation from the resin of cannabis plants. They can be prepared from sinsemilla, but also from the leaves with resin.
Cannabis has been sold since September 2003 in pharmacies in the Netherlands as a medicine. It is used as a tea in the syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette, migraine, chronic pain, and others.

hennepzaadHemp seed is edible, nutritious and healthy for humans and animals, also known as bird seed, and contains 35% fiber and 30% hemp seed oil.

The seeds may be ground to a gluten-free flour. Hemp seed oil contains 20% alpha- linolenic acid and 60% linoleic acid. These are essential fatty acids necessary for the body that we cannot produce ourselfs. Hemp oil can be used for cooking. It is suitable for skin creams and biofuel.
Hemp extracts areused in beer, syrup and alcoholic beverages, and paint.

Scientists have discovered that some liverwort contain a substance similar to THC, which makes people stoned. This substance has the same effect when you ingest it.