With a decapping fork or uncapping knife the caps on both sides are scraped. The comb is put into a spinning basket where the honey from the cells is flinging out carefully by the centrifugal force. The bottom is relative to the direction of rotation front up. First we turn slowly so as not to break the comb by the honey weight. We fling the first side half out, then we turn the frame and sway now completely out. Then we turn the frame again to swing the first side fully enmpty.
Wax particles and impurities are sieved through a sieve or muslin.

slingerenWe let the honey a few days ripe covered in a warm room. There will come a foam layer of air bubbles and impurities. With a spatula or skimmer we foam off several times. The foam can be returned in a feed tray to the bees. The comb should be rinsed and reused. The caps we let lick dry by the bees in a manger.

The flowers where honey comes from, determine the flavor, consistency and color. If you want to maintain the beneficial effects of honey you better do not heat it above 45°C.

Honey keeps indefinitely. In Egypt consumable honey has been found in ancient pyramids.