In the mid- 19th century, the greatest discovery in beekeeping was done: the movable frame. Thanks to this invention, it was no longer necessary to destroy the hive (and colony) to have honey.
A beehive box is highly elaborate. It consists of several parts:
- bottom board with landing-platform and entrace
- a brood chamber (deep super) with a dozen frames
- a queens excluder (this grid has slots where the queen cannot fly by)
- a honey room with a dozen frames
- (insulated and protecting) roof
All these parts are like a small tower of fitting blocks.

BijenkastenThe combs in the brood chamber so have brood, pollen and honey. The brood is at the bottom of the comb and makes a bow to the center. Around the brood comes pollen and around those is a bigger rim where the honey is stored. The honey is sealed with wax lids.

When you are living close to your neighbors, then place a high screen or a hedge in front of the hive(s)). This ensures that the supply and delivery route of bees is higher, and the neighbors have less problems.