tondel lisFibers of flax and dried nettles also burn easily. If the tinder glows it should be blown immediately. You can do this also by rolling tinder in a thin sheet of the birch bark and gently blow through it.

Instead of blowing you can suck also. If there is an explanation to be sought for the creation of the first cigarettes...?

Half rot, mouldered wood contains the polypore fungus Fomes fomentarius, and is very suitable as tinder.

Fatwood is resin infused, and therefore durable and good combustible dead wood. Hurt trees use resin to cover wounds and damage, and to seal to counter decay and insect damage. Stumps and branch ends can become so saturated with resin and color orange-red. The ancient Greeks harvest in this way already Dawo(i) (see: torch). Fatwood is the American name for the wood chips (especially Pinus palustris). They do not take moisture anymore and can be ignite when a little wet. You can also niggle it from rotting stumps.