Because it is a chore to make fire it’s important also, if you have fire, to save it. This can be done in a pot or woven basket with moist moss, ash or sand as (non-combustible) insulator, you can keep embers in there. If they do not get too much oxygen they stay softly glowing for a long while. By adding oxygen later they go glow or burn. To get hat, you blow on it, or hang the pot on a string and spin or wave it (as a censer).
vuur maken tonderzwamSeems also to be possible with a cow horn or a box of birch bark. Ember may consist of a lump of tinder, preferably the heaviest and densest part you have. If too much air reaches the coal it will remain glowing for maximum 1 to 3 hours. You have to keep an eye on it constantly and regularly blow it. Also regularly feed the fire with new pieces of tinder or wood. Like all techniques it requires training and experience to do it successfully. A fire carrier must have been an important person in the group.
The pot can also be a fine hand warmer in colder regions and / or seasons.

When matches were expensive workers with a job in the forest carried a burning ember
to make a fire for coffee and to heat them. They wore it wrapped in a birch fungus (Piptoporus betulinus).

It does not seem impossible to keep fire by sucking a glow in a bundle rolled leaves. If you suck it regularly a cigar can keep fire for several hours.
The world record for smoking a pipe, with only 3 grams of tobacco, in three hours and thirty minutes and sixteen seconds. Who knows if there ever was a genius that made a pipe on a fire pot to arranged glow by blowing, or sucking.

Smokeless Dakota fire pit

In order to not attract unwanted attention and to minimize light and smoke a fire can be ignited underground. According to the concept of a rocket stove you make a fire pit with in a short distance a sloping pipe to the bottom as an air supply. By the air pulling you get a rapid combustion with little smoke. Above the pit, you hang a kettle. After use, put back your soil and sods to cover up all traces.