huidrokenOnce the skin is dry and soft, it can be smoked. Not smoked skin is bright white, but very sensitive to water causing hard spots. After smoking, the skin can be washed by hand, and he will be soft again after a bit rolling.
Smoking is done with decayed wood to produce a lot of smoke and little heat.
You can sew the skin as a bag and hang each side a few hours over a pit with a glowing fire.

The best skins come from cows that have not had calved (and are not milked) yet, so that the skin is not stretched.
A regular rawhide is 4-6 mm thick. To get the desired thickness, the skin is generally divided into three layers. The minimum thickness for the upper skin is approximately 0.9 mm. The bottom layer of the skin is used for leather shoe soles, while the intermediate layer, split leather, is of poor quality.