rundslachtenThere once someone worked out a formula to calculate how much a cow weighs. Measure like a barrel the circumference of the fuselage just behind the front legs, and the length of the bow button to the separation of topside and mouse (from butt to neck). The weight is then (half the circumference x half the circumference x length) / 3140. You must then add 10% to the weight for the head, feet etc. This approximates the weight of live cattle after a day fasting.
For an animal in the barn or in the field you have to take into account a tare weight of 25 to 35 kg.

To lead a bull to the abattoir can be difficult and dangerous. Therefore, he was often led away between two cows.

A beef was also ”stunned” with a stroke, then the spinal cord was cut with a knife between atlas and turner (first and second vertebra) by a trained butcher. It must happen at exactly the right place and in the right way. The vertebrae fit together, and you cannot just cut loose. After a bullfight, the tortured animals often are freed from their unnecessary suffering that way.
The among others by Hannibal at war used (martial) elephants were when they were too badly injured and dangerous (for the troops) killed by their mahout (rider) with hammer and chisel, by striking the spine or ram the chisel through the skull into the brains. It works just like a stunner or bullet for all animals.

When stunning bovine your keep the head slightly slanted towards you so that the animal falls the other direction.