houtwaterenWatering here means laying in the water of fresh cut wood, usually nine months to three to five years. This causes the minerals present, nutrients and starch in the wood are dissolved and rinsed, and it would be much less attractive to insects and bacteria. The increased durability is mainly because watered wood gets less cracks in drying.
Prolonged watering the timber becomes unstressed, so beams and planks stay straight.
Hard woods are watered longer. Apples and pears are better and more useful, but should be at least 2 years under water. Oak needs 5 to 10 years.
Watering takes place in pure water, with the bark. The bottom of the trunk is against the current.
Watered wood is easy to bark and cuts better.
Considering wood is expensive, the practice amounts to throwing money into the water. It pays not and so fell into disuse.