afleggenLayering is done for e.g. (winter jasmine (Jasminum), honeysuckle (Lonicera), grapevine (Vitis), quince (Chaenomeles)).
A stem or branch is bent to the ground, pinned and partially covered with soil. Sometimes the plant or shrub can also be hilled (mound, or stool), the individual stems or branches will then be rooting. Sometimes a wound in the bark is made to encourage root formation.
If at the beginning of summer is layered ​​or earthed, in the autumn layers are is rooted.

Runners (strawberries)
Strawberry plants you better use only two years. The first year you do not get much but large strawberries. The second year you get smaller strawberries, but more.
The mother plant itself forms new plants. Use the first plants at the stolons or runners, which are stronger. Then remove all others, then the plant puts its power in new flowers for next year.

Our brains regularly fool us. Even when we taste delicious strawberries. Strawberry is not a taste, but a scent.

"Hmm! Beautiful strawberries. What were you putting on them? " "Sugar" "Strange, we do usually manure!" (JW Besouw)


Air layering

The stem is injured and around the wound is a bag with moist peat moss (Sphagnum) bound. Until there are roots formed moss must be kept moist.

Work with clean tools, it prevents mold. Clean the blade regularly by e.g. dipping in milk after each cut. Milk would immediately absorb any viruses present.