inteeltInbreeding is crossing closely related individuals to maintain desired (appearance or character) properties and strengthening them. But also negative properties are highlighted. Therefore is at all generations selected strictly from many individuals. A pedigree in which the occurrence (incidence) of (un) desired properties is maintained is essential.

In nature inbreeding happens as populations have become small or contacts between populations are prevented (fences, roads,...)

In humans, inbreeding can also result in a very high number of miscarriages and abnormalities, chance on hereditary diseases, deformities and mental disorders, fertility problems, shorter life and other degeneration.
In nobility and royal houses in Europe there was for centuries married amongst themselves to keep possessions and titles of nobility in the family.

With different versions of each gene, we can better adapt to new living conditions. The decreasing genetic variation that is the result of inbreeding, can be fatal, for example when the outbreak of a disease happens. The gene variants that can protect us (or our offspring) may no longer be available. Preservation of variation and diversity (instead of monoculture) is very important.

"I ‘m not against incest. As long as it stays in the family. " (Johan Anthierens)