Wasps are very recognizable by their dangerous -looking yellow black striped pattern and their wasp waist.
Their poison contains pheromones by which other wasps, possibly in the neighborhood, can be recruited.
Wasps hunt primarily on insects. They also eat sweet fruit.

wespennestThey hate the smell of cloves.
When a wasp stings you do vinegar on the sting site to neutralize the poison.
Rub your bee or wasp sting with fresh petals of marigold.

European hornet (Vespa crabro)
European hornets are distinct in that they are approximately 2x larger than other wasps and by the reddish-brown color on head, thorax and legs. Other wasps are there black or yellow. The European hornet is the largest social wasp in Europe. The Queen may be 40 mm long. The workers are 18-25 mm long and males 21-28 mm. They are also especially insects hunters.