baking-soda-vs-baking-powderYou use them all in baking, but what 's the difference?
Yeast, sourdough and baking powder are used to raise dough. They provide for the production of carbon dioxide which remains in the dough as bubbles.

Baking powder contains some substances, usually only a carbonate and an acid. If a carbonate comes into contact with water and an acid, it will decompose into various components, in which also carbon dioxide is created. This is not resulting in other flavors and fragrances, the taste of the product will therefore not be affected.

Baking soda is soda bicarbonate. It is sometimes confused with baking powder. Both are chemically synthesized products.
Baking powder mainly ensures that gas is being formed (in order to bring about a rise).
Baking soda has an effervescent effect, this means that the formed gas is retained.